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Privacy Policy

EU General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679)

Date of creation October 3rd 2023

Register Name

StellarQ My, Patient Report Service

Register Holder

Well-being services county responsible for patient care

Contact Information of the Service Provider (StellarQ)

Purpose of Data Processing

The service is used to manage personal and health information recorded by the patient themselves or by an authorized person on behalf of the patient. This information is then transmitted to the unit responsible for the patient's care to support treatment decisions.

Content of the Register

The register consists of health and well-being information recorded by the patient themselves or by an authorized person.

Logging of Network Traffic:

We record the following information about all events in our services:

  • Event time
  • User's IP address
  • User's browser type and version (user agent)
  • User's mobile device type and operating system version

Logging is done to facilitate troubleshooting in case of incidents.

Regular Data Sources

The user of the StellarQ My service can save and update their information at any time, or at the request of the healthcare unit responsible for their care.

The service utilizes the patient's personal information through the service, as well as personal and patient information stored in the StellarQ disease management.

The StellarQ disease management transmits clinical information to the StellarQ My service for customization of the patient report service.

Regular Disclosures of Information

Identifiable information may be disclosed for research purposes with the separate consent of the user. Information may be disclosed to authorities on the specific legal basis mentioned in the law. Information may be processed in anonymized form. Summaries of this anonymized information may be presented in the StellarQ My service, StellarQ's clinical service, or for similar purposes. Summaries may also be disclosed for research purposes.

Transfer of Data Outside the EU or EEA

Personal data is not transferred outside the EU/EEA area in identifiable form.

Principles of Register Protection

The StellarQ My service complies with all data protection, security, and GDPR requirements. Users log in with strong authentication. Data connections are encrypted. The database section is secured. The system servers are located in certified and high-security data centers within the European Union.

Right to Inspection

The registered user can personally inspect the personal data concerning them.

Right to Request Data Correction

The registered user can personally correct their personal data, except for information transmitted from the Population Register Centre's service. The registered user also has the right to request the deletion of their information from the register by the well-being services county responsible for their care.