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Published 23 May 2023
Last updated 8 May 2024

Accessibility statement

This statement applies to the StellarQ My self-reporting portal used by patients.

StellarQ has carried out the accessibility audit of its system on its own. StellarQ has taken efforts to carry out the development of the service while taking into account all WCAG 2.1 and 2.2 level accessibility criteria. Our goal is to carry out an accessibility audit by an independent expert, after which we endeavour to develop the service further to fulfil the rest of the WCAG 2.1 A and AA level requirements as soon as possible.

The StellarQ My portal fulfils most of the WCAG 2.1 A and AA level requirements. Deficiencies have been observed in the following aspects:

  • 1.4.12 Text spacing
  • 2.5.3 Label in name
  • 4.1.3 Status messages

StellarQ will develop accessibility further in future software versions. StellarQ publishes new software versions several times a year.

If you wish to leave feedback on accessibility you can do by contacting us at Your feedback is reviewed by the StellarQ customer support. After leaving feedback regarding accessibility, our team will contact you within 14 days.

If you wish to request additional information or submit a complaint, you can contact the accessibility enforcement unit of your regional state administrative agency. You can submit a complaint or request for more information at, by email or by mail according to the instructions found on the website.